A group is Chris Le Le Don

A group is Chris Le Le Don partner Orly – Mata, two are Justin – Schultz partner Ian – Cole Viktor Arvidsson Jersey, the three groups is Jamie – Olesimiac partner Matt – Henwick, the ball Team defender Bryant – Du Mulin is still on the daily watch list, the team’s defense brings some hidden dangers, and in the offensive and defensive series, the team’s two offensive defensive performance is unsatisfactory Predators Jerseys For Sale, especially Le Tham is the team’s first card, the last 7 games only 1 assists, the performance is not ideal. Goalkeeper position, whether the team will continue to have the main force Matt – Murray is still unknown, after all, he made in the last 4 appearances, the save rate did not reach 90%, while the reserve Tristan – Jari outstanding performance Calle Jarnkrok Jersey, play It is the team won the seal. New York Rangers goalkeeper Henrik – Rehnquist today won his career the first 424 wins, he surpassed Chicago Blackhaw legend Tony – Espiscico, becoming the league’s eighth-best goalkeeper in history. Boston Bruins Patrice Bergerand scored three consecutive goals in today’s team victory over Carolina Hurricanes Seth Jones Jersey, won the « natural hat-trick » as the team since 2010 11 The first player to win a natural hat-trick since the 18th of January.

In the backcourt

In the backcourt, one is still Matt-Nicekan’s partner Dimitri-Olof, the second is John Carlson partner Brooks-Oppeck, and the third is Cristi-Jules and MA Devon – Bowie. From the playing time, the team relies heavily on the play of the top three Mike Fisher Jersey, Carlson scored 4 goals scored 5 assists and continue to bring excellent performance both ends of the game Mike Santorelli Jersey. Although the playing team closed the island team in New York back to back, but this can not change the current play on the offensive end the team is extremely unstable situation, the king of gram scored 1 goals scored 3 assists, the performance Brave, I hope this can help him reverse the recent downturn in performance Rich Clune Jersey, and this is particularly crucial for the current Penguin team. Former field, a group is still led by Seni – Crosby Matt Carle Jersey, left and right sides are Dominique – Simon and Daniel – Sprout two youngsters, the two groups are Yevgeny – Malkin partner Patrick – Special and Karl – Hagen, the three groups are youngster Jack – Ganzel play center, two wings were Mayfair – Kassel and Conner – Xie Rui, the four groups are Riley – Sherhan, Tom – Kununak Seoul and Ryan – Rivers. On the game, Penguin team will be the three major scorers evenly distributed in the three offensive team, and achieved good results, Malkin, Kassel and Crosby in the past seven games, respectively, 3 goals and 4 assists, 2 goals 4 assists and 1 goals 5 assists, but this game they face the state of the opponent, can continue to maintain such a performance will be the key.

Finally see the Pacific Division

Finally see the Pacific Division: Vegas Golden Knight because of its excellent results, a total of three players selected, the Kings have the same three players selected, and is a striker, defender, goalkeeper (Anze – Copital, Drew – Dodi, Jonathan – Quaker). All-Star regattas, Duck team captain Ryan – Gauthrav injuries hit only played 19 games. San Jose Shark also only defender Burns one person selected Barret Jackman Jersey. In the 2017-18 season, the NHL regular season continues with the Nashville Marauder’s two-game losing streak starting a California road trip to Los Angeles to challenge the current No. 2 Kings in the Pacific Division and ultimately to play with four forward Austin – Watson scored twice and Suban’s two assists Filip Forsberg Jersey, the Predator team away 4-3 victory over the Kings, the end of the two-game losing streak. Currently in the eastern part of the No. 1 lightning team guest Detroit, the challenge has won four straight winners of the Red Wings, lightning team has been eating two-game losing streak at both ends of the offense and defense are now beginning to expose certain issues Gabriel Bourque Jersey, the game is that they The final leg of this road trip, whether a victory is crucial, the lightning twins Kuqa Love and Dennis performance has weakened, the team can other players come forward at a crucial time Not yet known. The Red Wings team’s recent rebound Anthony Bitetto Jersey, but it is entirely dependent on goalkeeper Jimmy – Howard’s heroic play, he has saved more than 95% in the past four games, but due to the lower torso injury , This game he is likely to be on the floor, which will give the Red Wings a huge blow.

The Cavaliers currently have

The Cavaliers currently have the # 1 home record in the league, 17-2-1, as they are expected to lock their home advantage in the playoffs by one Predators Jerseys, two, or three or even … four rounds. That’s right. Nothing is impossible. More to the point, they also own Mark Andreu Frey, a former goalkeeper who carried the Pittsburgh Penguins last year in the playoffs. The blue team’s recent weak performance in the past 10 games, they only won 4 games, weak front attack, bad defense in the backcourt, is the root cause of the injuries of the front three generals make it difficult for them to Strong opponents dominate, this game plus back-to-back combat, the team will be difficult to cope with. The frontcourt, a group of Atmi – Panalin partner Josh – Anderson and newcomer Pierre – Luke – Dubois Matt Irwin Jersey, the second group is Boone – Jenna partner Oliver – Bjornstrand and horse Te Calvert, three in Lucas Radek, Sami Mirano and captain Nick Feroen, and four in Taylor Mote Seth Jones Jersey, Jordan Schroder and Marcus Hanenkan rather. The original set of center Alexander Weinberg Carter Hutton Jersey, veteran Brandon Dobinski and a group of right-wing Hom Atkinson all entered the list of injuries, which has brought tremendous impact to the team.